Invited Talks

  • Prof. Shang-Ching Chou

    Wichita State University and Zhejiang University

    Issues in Geometry Theorem Proving

    The talk discusses many subtle issues in geometry theorem proving. These issues include:
    1. Irreducibility vs. reducibility. The most visible example is the Thebault theorem proposed in 1938.
    2. Geometries with real numbers or with complex numbers, i.e., ordered geometries or unordered geometries.
    3. Non-degenerate conditions in geometric form. For geometry statements of construction type, whether the non-degenerate conditions are those that keep the diagram to be well-constructed? Even for the Morley trisector theorem, the non-degenerate conditions are still unclear. In particular, what are non-degenerate conditions for the theorem when using algebraic methods that are complete for complex numbers, e.g., the Wu method or the Groebner basis method?
    4. Algebraic proofs vs synthetic proofs.
    5. Issues on proofchecking of Hilbert's axioms of geometry.

  • Prof. Tetsuo Ida

    Department of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba, Japan

    Models for Computational Origami