Contributed Talks

  • Xiaoyu Chen, Ying Huang and Dongming Wang.
    On the Design and Implementation of a Geometric Knowledge Base

  • Fernando Etayo, Laureano Gonzalez-Vega, Gema R. Quintana and Wenping Wang.
    Closed formulae for distance functions involving ellipses

  • Xiuqin Zhong, Jun Nie and Wenyuan Wu.
    Knowledge representation and reasoning for elementary geometry on ontology

  • Robert Joan-Arinyo, Marta Tarrés-Puertas and Sebastián Vila-Marta.
    Geometric constraint graphs decomposition based on computing graph circuits

  • Heinz Kredel.
    Multivariate Greatest Common Divisors in the Java Computer Algebra System

  • Aless Lasaruk, Rene Schöne and Thomas Sturm.
    Automatic Verification of the Adequacy of Models for Families of Geometric Objects

  • Nicolas Magaud, Julien Narboux and Pascal Schreck.
    Formalizing Projective Plane Geometry in Coq

  • Dominique Michelucci.
    Linear Programming for Interval Newton Solvers - Extended abstract on a work in progress

  • Shuichi Moritsugu and Chisato Arai.
    Geometry Theorem Proving by Groebner Bases -- Algebraic Factoring Free Approach

  • Guillaume Moroz and Fabrice Rouillier.
    Explicit classification of the 9 first Haas parametric systems

  • John Owen and Stephen Power.
    Symmetry and singularity in systems of geometric equations

  • Fernando San Segundo and Rafael Sendra.
    Offsetting Revolution Surfaces

  • Meijing Shan and Zhongqin Bi.
    Algorithms for Proving Radical Inequality

  • Luis Tabera.
    Defining a framework to deduce incidence theorems in tropical geometry

  • Philip Todd.
    Computer Aided Proof in Classical Differential Geometry using a Symbolic Geometry System with Undetermined Functions

  • Rong Xiao.
    Solving semi-algebraic systems with radicals

  • Lu Yang.
    Deciding the Nonnegativity of Multivariate Polynomials without Cell-Decomposition

  • Zheng Ye, Shang-Ching Chou and Xiao-Shan Gao.
    An Introduction to Java Geometry Expert

  • Zhenbing Zeng and Liangyu Chen.
    A Proof to the Conjecture on the Heilbronn Configuration of Seven Points in the Square