All of the international flights arriving in Shanghai land at Shanghai PuDong International Airport.

The most convenient way to get to the East China Normal University is by taxi. It takes about one hour from the airport, and the fare is about 200 CNY.

A map of PuDong International Airport (Terminal 1) is available here.

Please contact Zhenbing Zeng (zbzeng@sei.ecnu.edu.cn) or Min Wu (mwu@sei.ecnu.edu.cn) if you need any local assistance.

Visa application

It is convenient to apply for tourist visa to enter China. In case you need a hotel reservation for your visa application, please send your request to zbzeng@sei.ecnu.edu.cn or mwu@sei.ecnu.edu.cn with the following information:

First Name:

Last Name:

Passport No.:


Date of Birth:

Expiration date of the passport:

Work Address & Work institute:

Work Phone Number:

Work Fax Number:

Expected Dates of Arrival

Expected Dates of Departure:

Times you have ever been in China:

The Chinese consulate you are going to apply for the visa (please indicate the country):

(The same information is required for your accompany person(s))